Yoga Dance is a series of slow, continuous and graceful movements inspired by the Five Great Elements as manifested through the movement and energy of the chakras. The movements, when learned and practiced, increase and transform one’s life-force energy into greater inner power. Yoga dance is designed to evoke the sacred temple within us -emphasizing balance and spiritualism in relation to the universal law of nature by transcending our limitations. It is a moving meditation through which students learn to become better rooted to the earth. By directing the life-force energy with the mind, students learn to effectively utilize internal energy, and to transform outside influences towards one’s advantage.The class begins with a 30 minute session of Vinyasa Yoga, starting with breathing revitalizing the body, steadying the emotions and creating clarity of the mind, followed by various asanas (postures) toning muscles andmaintaining elasticity of the spine - improving posture and increasing vitality.The second 30-minutes is devoted to adding expression to the body. The various gestures (Mudras) and movements are taken from a cross-cultural integration of music, poetry and dance. Yoga dance technique enables us to break through in an expanded awareness, dissolving obstacles, physical discord and disease, movingtoward a feeling of divine unity.

NAJMA AYASHAH is currently a faculty member at NYU teaching Kathak Dance, rhythm composition and yoga. She received her initial training and degree from the Bhartiya Kala Kendra in India and has since age of 18 toured the major cities of the world participating in dance and yoga workshops and seminars. Her creative repertoire finds expression in integrated compositions with cross-cultural or fusion pieces performing to music and rhythms of Flamenco, Africa and Middle East.

These dances are designed to stimulate the energy centres within the individual bodythemselves; these are the chakras or lotuses. Each of them in the process of developing consciousness, unfolds like a flower, spirally from within. All disciplines which incorporate these movements are essentially mandalic, centering and ordering, as the movement echoes the cosmic movement of which it is symbolic. “Om” Using the gesture language or simple Mudras, the dance reflects the sacred symbol of Om —stimulating creativity through circular movement. Five Great Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and space the cosmic elements are expressed through dance movements creating a visual expression of energy through the chakras by balancing our individual energies. “Dance of the Kundalini” reflects the “serpent force” of the subtle body. Once flowing, this experience brings enlightenment and a state of wholeness and timelessness. It is the infinity symbolized by the serpent.“Maya - Dance of Illusion” reflects mirror-back images of illusion. Our consciousness is divided into how we see and what is obscured by consciousness blocks. A completed sphere is our goal — a fully realized consciousness.“Tree Goddess” Drawing its energy from the earth element, this dance describes the mystical rite of fertilization. Utilizing graceful arm, body movements and torso isolations depicting the spherical vortex, which expands and contracts and returns on to its source. For workshops, seminars and performances, contact.