Jaipur Tradition of Kathak Dance
   at Studios 353
   353 W. 48th Street, 2nd Floor 
  (bet 8-9 th Ave), New York 



BEGINNING CLASSES SATURDAYS (time to be announced)

Explores the cosmic movement of Kathak Dance in the Jaipur Tradition of Pt. Kundan Lal Gangani from the temple to modern day secular movement through the manifestation of cosmic energies, symbolism, storytelling and rhythmic patterns. It reflects the journey through the layers of one’s self and through the worlds within and around us. It begins here, in your own body. Expression will be developed through a wide range of body movement, facial expression, and hand gestures. Sound being the essence of form–rhythmic patterns and time cycles will be explored and reflected through foot rhythms using ankle bells called “ghungaroos”. Various dance styles will be introduced primarily Kathak (Jaipuri Tradition). All levels welcome. Dance experience not required.The objective of this course is that the student acquire a basic knowledge of the various elements of Kathak Dance by developing a vocabulary of basic rhythmic patterns, hand gestures and body movements and being able to recognize various gestures, characters and elements of Indian Dance. Students will demonstrate an increasing vocabulary of movement in the chosen technique of classical, folk and popular dances. The class will begin with a Dance of Invocation "OM" in the Yoga Dance form symbolizing the sacred symbol of the universe. Hand gestures (mudras) will be introduced along with sensuous poses and geometric body movements. Rhythmic footwork (tatkar) will be applied combining body movements and rhythmic turns (chakkar) and tukra, toras will be introduced.

INTERMEDIATE- (Traditional - Saturdays) CLASS 3-5pm

Applying choreography to the rhythmic cycles and exploring various patterns emphasizing the verbal recitation of rhythm (bols). Expressional dance using various mudras, poses and emotions will be introduced in this class.


YOGA DANCE CLASSES (to be announced)

Yoga Dance is a journey through our very core, our roots with mother earth and the mystical rite of fertilization. Students will be led through a yoga sequence which accesses and revitalizes the root chakra, our physical and energetic foundation. Participants will then learn the dance of the Sacred Tree Goddess and many others cultivating stability, sensuality and abundance


The cost of the class is $25.00 one hour or $35. 2 hr. 6-Class Card $175.00 (good for3 months)

Private classes are available for $65.00/hr. Classes in Indian folk and Gypsy dances are available upon request. registration & info kathak @earthlink.net